Sdizic (an odd fellow) Part 1

Sdizic was an odd fellow who dreamt of morning the lives of those who died whom he had never had the pleasure of meeting. He knew not of appropriate comments at the dinner table, how long a bathroom break was supposed to last, or what to write on a child’s birthday card.

He was an odd fellow…with many odd intrests.

No matter the season, or time of day he would enjoy gazing up at the Christmas lights he had strung across his ceiling, dangling down at each end of his coat rack and book shelf. He had spent hours on end making sure that each strand hung perfectly in opposition to the other. Each light, he imagined, to be a representation of a life passed on.

Green…the time when Boris trusted the frozen lake and skated out too far.

Blue…the time when Joshua went camping and lit his match too close to the kerosene.

Red…the time when Agnes never learned to swim and fell asleep in the lake.

Yellow…the time when Ellie swerved away from the child and drove off a cliff.

So many lives, gone before his time, and how he’d wish he’d knew them.

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