Sdizic (the next day) Part 2

The next day was unlike the last. He had spent an hour too long staring up at his lights and forgot to pick up his friend Val from the airport. Of course he disliked airports very much. The people, the traffic, the claustrophobic conversations waiting at the gate. Of course it had slipped his mind; after all he didn’t welcome it.

He woke to his phone, and Val at the other line.

“Sdizic,” Val said, “Sdizic,” Val yelled.

“Uh yeah,” Sdizic replied gripping the top of his head as he yawned.

“What happened, I’ve been calling you? I’ve been waiting since I got in last night,” Val said.

“Waiting, what? Oh I forgot, sorry. Wait, where did you sleep?” Sdizic said as he sprang up, put the call on speaker, and threw on some clothes.

“I fell asleep in the waiting room. There are other people here too, still sleeping,” Val said.

“Sorry about that. I’ll be right there,” Sdizic said.

“Wait, wait, have you showered today?” Val asked.

“How could I, I just woke up?” Sdizic said.

“Take a shower first man,” Val said.

“But,” Sdizic exclaimed.

“No. No way. Sometimes you don’t shower for a week, and I was just on a 5 hour flight sitting next to a man that smelled like he had been bathing in fermented cheese. Take a shower first, and I’ll see you in an hour,” Val said.

“Alright,” Sdizic said pulling off his shirt and heading into the bathroom.

Sdizic’s room waited in silence, while he was not an occupant. His bathroom, a connected door at the far right corner was left open while the steam poured in, clouding the ceiling and making the Christmas lights seem brighter that ever.

His clothes, neat, and organized. His shoes lined against the wall on the floor, neat, and organized. His books assigned by importance, neat, and organized.

At the far left corner of the room sat his desk. A light mahogany color fell below some stacked papers and a pen and pencil container which he used to jot down his thoughts from time to time.

Sdizic’s phone rang the moment he stepped out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, and proceeded to answer it.

“Hello…” Sdizic said, with water dripping off the tips of his hair.

But the line was silent.

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