My Dearest Love “Vampire Files”

My Dearest Love…letter the 1st

I know that it has only been a few days but I must express the need I feel to be with you. The blood you know as yours runs deep within me. It is sweet and just. I have to express the uncertainty I feel not knowing when I will see you again. My thirst is growing and lingering inside of me. The heavy burden I carry, I hope will not be for long. I have witnessed the scene of my own fate yesterday when I called the maid in for her attendance. She was uneasy at my state and thought that I had been sick. After retrieving a small wet towel she proceeded in wiping my forehead. I looked up at her frail body as my eyes watched steadily the beating of a dark blue vein that ran along her wrist disappearing at her elbow. I thought at first that I had not had a care for such things before when I felt the urge come over me. It was swift in every means of the word. I had her arm in my grasp and my teeth anchored as if to not let her fear set sail. She screamed, turned pain then wept quietly as she managed to let out, “but why?” It was a question that I thought of for a moment then in noticing I was not yet full took up her body and held her breast to mine. I was reunited with life as my thirst was quenched as I inhaled the soul which I had so suddenly taken. I was as she was, just a maiden, but her life was not meant to be as it is she was the feast of my beginning. Each drop of blood hung about my mouth as I looked at her lifeless body. I need that which is what I am. Although I feel the blood of another inside me now, it is not the same as my masters. You are the first understanding I have had of what it means to truly be alive. I can live this way as long as I can stay by your side. So then why must it be that I am away from you for so long? Will you come back to me Corsallice? As I write my hand grows weak in love and strong in desire to behold a vision of you again. My dreams give whispers of light for what is to come and I wonder what is really real anymore. Tell me that I am no longer asleep and that you will once again be at my side.

Signed… Versye of Bladetriff






My Dearest Love: In Return…the 1st

As it is, I will respond to you with this. The longing that’s felt between us is stronger with me. Although I have not brought myself to pick up a pen and write I have been running back and forth into walls with a strong sense of needing blood, your blood. It is something I’ve never drank before. You have driven me mad with necessity, and life. Locked in this chamber of my soul I feel the need to write now. Blood runs deep only to keep me dead, as it is I am no longer alive, but now the living dead. You too will be this soon, although you are still partly human. As you have asked of me to be, the forever I am. It truly is no life at all unless you’re willing to be that of the other life, the life of a Vampire. I had asked my assistant, Tromant to bring me sufficient means of pigs blood in vile’s, so that I may carry them with me. However, upon his return I could hear his veins pounding in my ears as if inside a barren cave echoing the call I felt inside me. Witnessing his throat crying out to me I knew he had to be taken. As I took him into my arms, as a lifeless infant, he screamed out, “Master,” only once and closed his eyes forever. His body fell to the floor silently as my eyes brightened, filled with rage and violence. I was, born again, in that instance. Then, was when I first thought of you, my love, my partner, and for this reason I must be away. I have not had my fill of life here. I must only come to you when I am full, and not wanting to take of your life as I almost did before. You must first be completely born to me, a Vampire. Lusting once gain for your beating heart against mine. I know that we shall be together soon. One hand in front of the other I crawl to the front door and look out to the moon. I know that your body is changing, and I know that it is hurting. The moon reflects some consequence that calls out to us but we must not answer yet. But suffer not, as long as I have you, your change will be swift. Thus the drops of blood I have left scattered down the paper are from my lips that have drank the blood of the messenger whom delivers this letter to you now. See my marks on his wrist and taste my lips as if they were there with you. It will then be as if we had kissed tonight, a long tender kiss as if for the first time. Through this fill your thirst for now, in waiting upon my return, I call to you Vampiress Versye.

Signed… Corsallice of Trycastle





My Dearest Love…letter the 2nd,

Watch me this night for I am changing. My flesh is white and I feel my veins have turned hard, darkened with grief. I lay on the ground cold, and quiet as it turns to me and comforts the fact that I no longer feel cold. As life is warm, it is not felt by me. My life is now a resounding evil. Cold death allows life into my lifeless soul, the soul of a Vampire. Say more to me now. Let me know what will be the pain, next, I feel. The longing I have is want for you, but in my times of need I feed my thirst not seen through your eyes. It was still at first, last night. I was raised in my sleep and found myself on the ceiling when I awoke. My clothes do not provide their purpose any longer, and I might as well walk naked amongst the grass and the trees. Food was left for me tonight, and so it still is there to from the night before. Rotting as a human body left for dead. As I would have been left for dead had you not found me soon enough. Sometimes in my most painful raves I wonder if I did really want this, if I really wanted to be a Vampire. This morning the sun rose and I shuttered before it, only to soon realize it did not affect me in the least. I am one with the sun but I thrive in the night. My sight has widened to miles away, and I hear as if I were the very wolves I had once hated. I was perched upon a trees branch one night, listening and waiting when an unsuspecting traveler walked by, carrying a small nap sac over his shoulder. I spoke to him.

“Traveler” I said.

“Who is that…a man, a woman? Show yourself.” He demanded immediately frightened.

“You are traveling alone?” I asked appearing behind him in an instant.

“What? Yes…who are you?” He asked as he turned to behold my slender darkened figure.

“I am Vampiress Versye of Bladetriff. It is strange to me to find such a figure. Such a weakling of a man you are, and here, alone, and without a horse. Where are you going traveler?” I asked stepping even closer to him as he began to tremble at my feet.

“My father is dying. I must see him before…”he said when I interrupted.

“Before he dies?” I said laughing then continued, “Its ironic then… that you shall meet his same fate, and die before you reach him.”

There was blood and clothing left behind on the gravel by the road where I had ravished his body. But no sooner would someone think that that was a man that was killed as there were only broken bones and bits of skin to be seen after the vultures got to him. I felt no pain, and no compassion towards him after doing so. I only see that now I must continue to drink to grow stronger so that I may one day be at your side again.

Signed Versye of Bladetriff






















My Dearest Love: In Return…the 2nd,

I’m glad you are feeling the turn. You’re past the worst of it now. I went into town to day to meet with Malice. He has been greatly pleased with the fact that I have turned you. He would have done it himself a long time ago but I know that his blood would be too strong for you to withstand. He is a great leader for us but too often his mind is mislead by his personal need to be the Superior One. Torrak has warned me of this several times, and ordered me to keep a close eye on him. However, I know Torrak, being the Superior One, fears others like us who are stronger. Malice is stronger; he just doesn’t know it yet. With me at his side he will never realize his strength, I won’t allow it. For if he does there will be a greater worry for the world to have to deal with then the simplistic fear of the Vampires. He will never know the possibilities that lye with in him. Four days from now I will come to you. You must be introduced into the society as one of the Higher Rebellion. Let your family know of your absence, for a while. You knew coming into this you would have to do so, therefore I hope that you have made the proper arrangements. Malice told me much about the new plan to take over the Rike. For now he is working with Torrak to do so. Not much has been said of how we are to do this, but I feel that it is strange to see them side by side again, as brothers. I am uneasy with the situation, knowing they need one another might change their already darkened hearts. They both know though that with the Rike still standing they, neither one of them have a chance to stand against it on their own. Once this is done, however, it will be full on war between them. I just hope that by then I will be strong enough to set up a front against it. I am sorry that I do not have the time to say more but I must leave this message with the post master so that it will reach you in time. I will be with you soon my love, have no fear of that.

Signed…Corsallice of Trycastle

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