Sdizic (my friend Val) Part 3

It came at no surprise that his mind was drifting as he drove to the airport. He parked and thought to himself.

“Wait, but could it have been? No, no, I haven’t heard from her in years. And, why now. I’m sure she’s married,” Sdizic said.

Sdizic walked towards the back of the car, patting his side pocket making sure all his contents were as they should be, clicked the alarm and came to the waiting room doors of the airport. The smell of ‘lost’ hit him when the doors slide open, causing him to cough. His eyes focused and scanned the room for his friend.

“Where is he,” he thought to himself.

Val came up from behind with a tight bear hug.

“Okay, okay, I can’t breath,” Sdizic said.

“Hello to you too,” Val said, as they turned to face one another.

“So where would you like to go first?” Sdizic said straightening his clothes, attempting to reach into his front pocket.

“Check in first. Then something to eat,” Val said.

Sdizic moved his hand away from his pocket, clenching his fist.

“You, you made reservations someplace else? You were supposed to be staying with me. I have a room made up for you, and…” Sdizic said.

Val laughed.

“Oh, you were joking. Ha, ha, very funny Val. You know you’re not supposed to mess with my anxiety like that,” Sdizic said pulling his stress ball from his pocket.

“Why can’t I have fun with you sometimes? Come on,” Val continued placing his arm around Sdizic, “I’ll drive. I’m still on your insurance right?” He asked.

Sdizic nodded, breathing swiftly.

“I’m not going to tell you to calm down, I know that won’t help, but at least now you can lay down in the back, on the way home,” Val said as he unlocked the car, removed a pillow from the trunk for Sdizic, and took the drivers seat.

Sdizic’s anxiety was steadily retreating as he laid in the back seat staring up at the sky. After a while the two pulled into his driveway, when Sdizic’s phone rang, from inside his pocket.

“Hello,” he answered…but there was no response.

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