From Me to You (Letter the 2nd)

(Letter the 2nd)

Dear Kydin,

So sorry to hear about the pains you’re having. I love bacon too, in fact it was just last night that I was watching my dog, Tovadish, play with this thing my roommate had gotten him a while ago. It’s a hotdog wrapped in bacon type of squeaky toy. I remember thinking that a guy must have come up with the concept. I swear guys only one of two emotions, horny or hungry, am I right? Speaking of horny I haven’t had sex in nine months, two weeks, and five days; not that I’m counting. That’s what I miss most about having a boyfriend; the stability, not just the sex.

Besides that, my days have NOT been so hot either. My teacher decided that he would call on me, me! On the one day that I didn’t have time to do the reading. I swear the ironic fate gods have no mercy. Never-the less the class ended up laughing at my, “I’d say I don’t know why Oedipus didn’t realize his fate. Maybe it’s because he’s not getting enough sleep after staying up all hours of the night playing Agatha Christine’s Death on the Nile?”

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up I’m feeling lonely. More than I thought I would, or more than usual now that I have you, but not really. I mean at least we can talk. Why do the holidays have the power to do that to a person? It’s really just another day, BUT, I definitely blame it on everything being closed. These over glorified days where family members can argue about the fact that they don’t like how you’re living your life, or that it’s taken you way too long to start your college career. I mean really, aunt Jillian. Are you going to pay my five hundred-dollar BMW payments on top of insurance, food, utilities and everything else? That’s why I have to work full time and take a few less classes. Granted I should not have chosen such an expensive car, but that’s beside the point. Too much stress comes with just being around them, and that’s why I choose not to, if I can. I just have to tip my hat off to you for being able to handle four classes at a time; even if I wasn’t working I still wouldn’t be able to carry that work load. So…maybe you’re a genius?

Hopefully my comment was able to put a smile on your face after the difficult day that you’ve had. I’m afraid I will cut this letter short and say goodbye for now. I have this play I’m going to see later tonight at my school, it’s part of an English assignment. Its called Equos, or Equis, something like that. I’m not exactly sure how it’s spelled. One of my class mates mentioned there would be male nudity so I might actually pay attention. A good thing to since I’ll have to write a response paper about it later on. I miss you…more than anything though, and I hope that we will be able to talk on the phone on Wednesday night.


Ferra Hoffman

Ferra looked around the room as she stretched, yawning slightly remembering that it was her medication that made her do so. Feeling drained she walks to bed and carefully tucked Kydin’s letter beneath her pillow, hoping that in doing so it would cause her to dream of him.

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