From Me to You (Letter the 3rd)

(Letter the 3rd)

Dear Ferra,

Money issues, are the worst! I definitely hate needing money; it’s been causing me all kinds of headaches these days too. I swear, being a barista at Starbuck’s is getting worse and worse by the day. Even my co-workers are losing a lot of the charm they had, and the new guys aren’t even geeks! It’s abominable, really. I mention World of Warcraft or Nintendo DS and get nothing but blank looks, instead of, “Oh sweet, what class/games do you play?”

On top of that, customers are publishing me to new levels of loathing for humanity. That’s that witch with a capital “B” that always orders this super-complex drink and whines if it tastes off at all or someone she doesn’t “trust” makes it, the person who orders “exactly eight ounces of coffee” and then asks for more when we give it to her. She is saving a grand total of ten cents! As further proof that she fails at cheating the system, if the employees can catch onto your act are failing.

I really hope I can find a new job, or at least a new store soon. Whatever gets me somewhere that doesn’t have me reeking of coffee and leaking hope on a daily basis. I swear my time at Jack in the Box was better than this! And that had some CRAZY people; always has fresh loathing for my so-called-peers every time they stopped by high at three in the morning. I had to repress the urge to keep a basketball bat under the counter and just clock anybody who walked in under the influence of one drug or several.

On the plus side though, being so angry at the customers has really improved my skills in fighting other players. There really are few things more satisfying than putting on some black music, playing my warlock, and systematically conquering the battlefield. Tends to make evenings relatively tolerable on my own…though to be honest I really wish I had some actual company instead of just me Arena teammates. Heck, even a dog would be fun; I’m envious of you and Tovadish How did he get his name again?

I will say I definitely know how you feel about the whole “horny” thing. It’s been long enough that I don’t even bother keeping track anymore, I just repress the craving through countless hours of brutal, brutal violence. Dead Rising and arenas are wonderful tools for repressing that particular desire. On a related note, the games are doing these little holiday themed events that, naturally, serve only to highlight just how lonely we are these days. It’s not been nearly as fun as it ought to be, realizing that family is all across the ocean and you’re far away. Running around trick-or-treating in a virtual world or saving a reindeer from goblins…well, it’s not quite the same as dressing up with a lovely girl or swapping stories with family & friends outside of the internet. And now my roommate is back for the first time in days, so I have to go yell at him a bit. I should be able to arrange a call Saturday afternoon if that works for you!

Farwell for now!

Kydin Moreau

Kydin glared daggers at his roommate, who was showing a small Asian woman into the room that the two ostensibly shared. When Kydin was about to open his mouth to raise objections about responsibilities his roommate had fallen behind on, the student simply smiled and laughed, leading his girlfriend into the bedroom of the dormitory. Swearing viciously, Kydin flipped on his speakers, started up some black metal, and watched his warlock enter the Arena. Black fire sheathed the virtual character, and with a roar that echoed the music, he charged at the avatar of another player that had entered his line of sight. The letter to Ferra sat beside him, unsealed, while the young man began to work out his anger.

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