From Me to You (Letter the 4th)

(Letter the 4th)

Dearest Kydin,

You sound really depressed right now, and I can definitely sympathize. The funniest thing happened to me the other day; well I thought that it was funny. I was driving, and I had to go to the bathroom really bad. The only place that was nearby was a Starbucks, probably not unlike yours. I burst in through the doors and went straight to the back, as superman would have, almost without being seen. So, I was in there for maybe five minutes when the light went off, just like that. I didn’t know what to do. I guess I thought that since the light was already on when I entered that it was a switch light, but it wasn’t it was a motion censored one. I then began to call out for help hoping that someone would hear me outside of the stall, or that someone would sooner walk in the bathroom turning the light back on. There was no such luck, however, for the following thirty minutes. I just sat there waiting until a little girl, laughing entered the bathroom and ran into a stall of her own. Thank heaven for children I sometimes say. I mean that is when they’re not screaming and yelling at the top their lungs. I really don’t know what it would be like a mother, besides always being tired. Haha…but back to you.

My dog Tovadish, he was named after a Vampire anime that I found not that long ago. I’ve become obsessed with it just because it’s about Vampires, and I kind of have this fantasy for tall thin guys with long hair. So…being a Vampire on top of that is just a plus. But that’s neither here nor there. Oh…my dad called me this morning and went over the logistics of him building me a new computer. I wish I could show you what his looks like, I’m sure it would leave you drooling with envy.

Arrangements have been made as for what I am bringing to Thanksgiving dinner this year, “Ice Cream and Whip Cream,” doesn’t that just make your mouth water. I think I will just have to go and get some right now…okay I’m back. I’m continuously nibbling on some mint chocolate chip right now, it’s my favorite. What’s your favorite? Or are you lactose intolerant? Have I asked you that before? Hmmm. Wonder why I’ve never thought about asking you what kind of foods you liked before.

My back has been hurting a lot lately and I’ve been seeing this chiropractor for it. He’s short and sort of strange looking. I mean I guess he’s alright, he’s married and is always talking about his three kids and dogs that jumps him every time he comes home. “That’s what I’ve smelled, wet dog,” just realized. Sorry that’s just me rambling a little,  or thinking out loud as it were. I have a paper that’s due next week I’m about to get a head start on. I’ll write you again soon, and I just wanted you to know that I’ll be waiting for your call on Sunday.

Happy gaming as always!

Ferra Hoffman

Ferra walked into the kitchen and placed her now empty bowl by the sink. She then thought of her last adjustment wishing that it were Kydin who was doing all the adjustment instead of that dwarf, elfish, wookie of a man. “He must have been in the last lord of the ring.” She thought to herself, turned, and learned against the counter before continuing, “I’m going to find out right now.” She said as she began looking through her movie collection.


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