From Me to You (Letter the 5th)

(Letter the 5th)

Hello, my dear Ferra,

I have to say, that story gave me a much-needed chuckle! Made me a bit more grateful that most male visits to the bathroom are short and fairly mobile too! Heh, kids are definitely an interesting thought; normally I love them, but when they’re…well, being kids on a consistent basis, I get more than a bit frustrated. Like you said, hard to imagine; I have to imagine keeping track and control of children would have to be an entirely demanding task. Do kinda miss the little sprites though; demanding as being a human jungle gym was, there’s something simply fun about playing with kids. Don’t have to worry about talk behind your back or them judging you, they just want to play ad you’re a dozen different games wrapped in one big package.

And between talk of your computer and the anime, I am loving the new games that I have for my system, but your dad’s computer sounds absolutely epic! I want to meet him, shake his hand, then shamelessly steal his computer. 24 Gigs of Ram, 2 motherboards, and a graphics card that can run old school games independently off the main computer? Yes please! I can only imagine what my games would be like on a system like that! I’m picturing watching zombie’s heads explode in full HD, the Fallen King rising soldiers to end the undead menace once and for all in a single vivid, glorious show, watching movies in theatre quality on my home system…

Aaaand I’m ranting a bit! Moving on to the next subject, ice cream and whipped cream do sound absolutely delectable. Especially considering there are variety of, shall we say, non-dinner uses for whipped cream, and there are a few things equal to ice cream for a post-coitus snack (I think it hasbeen a while since the opportunity to try that has re-appeared). I am most assuredly not lactose intolerant and can make large dents in mint chocolate chip ice cream as often as it can be stocked. This is not to say that’s my only flavor of choice, mind; an ice cream known only as “moose tracks” is absolutely delicious, and oddly enough a big fan sherbert. I have yet to meet a sherbert I didn’t like! Mmm, ice cream…say I wonder if that has any issues in the bedroom too, I can see the cold cream being rather stimulating and appetizing to remove via whatever appendage happens to be on hand, and…

Moving along! Things do seem to be looking up more than they were last week, I think our phone call really helped. It’s always a pleasure talking with you! I just wish we had more time and opportunities, between our schedules one of us would need to forgo sleep (more than I normally do) in order to talk nightly it seems…Well, okay, that wouldn’t make a huge difference for me, but it definitely would for you!

And we want to make sure that you’re stable and still capable of conscious thought when you wake up the next morning, which may also mean I’ll need to watch what we do if one of us makes it to the other’s location. If we’re that energetic over the phone, I can only imagine what we’ll be like in person! Well, reading over that paragraph again I realize I do need to sleep at some point…talk to you soon Ferra!


❤ Kydin

Kydin leaned back in his chair, running his hands through his hair as he glanced over the letter once more. I still can’t believe I’ve found someone who likes the way I think, but lives thousands of miles away,” he moaned. Turning from the letter, he angrily punched in the password to enter his computer, and with a last long lingering look over the last letter Ferra had written him, entered a new world and cracked his knuckles in anticipation.

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