From Me to You (Letter the 6th)

(Letter the 6th)

Dear Kydin,

I am deeply sorry but I have not been doing so well and I can’t find your last letter to respond to so I am going off the top of my head right now. I had a really bad reaction to the medication again. I know what your thinking, “stop taking it.” Well this time it was a new kind. Maybe I am just allergic to all medication for anxiety; I suppose it’s possible. So I had to take two of my panic attack pills to counter it, which caused a deep sleep.

I’ve had the strangest dreams from this medication. It will most likely be in my next book or books to follow. I can’t remember all of them right now but I will tell you about the one that occurred last night.

I was sleeping in bed somewhere in the middle of a forest. As I woke there were wolves that continued to run on either side of me. It was surprising at first, but once I gathered my thoughts I knew that I was meant to be there. I then threw off my blanket and my body transformed, and I was, a wolf. My white coat glistened in the sunlight amongst my bright green eyes.

I ran with them as if I were their leader. I the Alfa, the others my pack. The wind was crisp and cold as it past my ears. The soft snow fell between my toes cushioning my every step, when something darkened the sky.

The others looked up in fear. I was confused at what they saw, all I could see was a shadow in the shape of a figure, a man, a man that stood holding a can in his right hand. Wolves sang out their howls, turned to him and cowered at his feet as he approached them.

When he reached me I stood my ground, and showed my teeth, ready to attack. “This one…he is still not ready. Get rid of him,” he said towards the others. The wolves obeyed and came straight towards me; their eyes glaring, as if my end had come. I cowered in fear for what they might do as they changed from wolf to human carrying whips, chains, and belts laughing amongst themselves.

They never touched me. I awoke, breathing hard, sitting straight up in bed. I don’t understand why I had that dream. I really don’t know if it’s just the medication giving me these weird visions or if it’s a sign, something telling me what will happen in the future. What do you think?

On a slightly happier note, I’m working on three books right now. I would love for you to read one when I’m done. When I was in seventh grade my teacher once told me that if you want to write 100 books you have to write 4 pages a day. I am aiming for that goal.

Hopefully I will reach it, although it is difficult with all the schoolwork and regular work, hanging on my back. By the way thank you for calling me on Thanksgiving, I really needed that. Family is fun but I mean with the way that I have been missing you, it made me feel a lot better. I also have a surprise for you, remind me to tell you later.


The one who missed you so much…Ferra.

Ferra then turned over in her bed after setting down the pen on top of the paper that lay beside her. She scanned the room for envelopes, spotting them on a shelf just out of her reach. Just then something shiny caught her eye, causing her to investigate. She reached for what she assumed was a small object, and after pulling it back gazed back at it when her eye’s grew with delight

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