The Best Dating Advice You’ll Ever Get Question #1

Over the course of these blogs I will go over every question posed in the dating word and what YOU can do to better your chances at finding love, laughter, and that forever happiness. So let’s jump right in!

Question # 1 When, where, and with whom was your first kiss?

Are you thinking about it? Can you actually remember? This question is usually easier for women than men since we feel things a lot more. So to break the ice I’m going to answer this question first…

My first kiss was when I was in high school. It was my junior year and I was 17 years old. I didn’t neccisarily like this guy. I mean, at the time he wasn’t ugly, but he wasn’t someone I wanted to date. He was a senior, and we had had a prior conversation in the library in computer class. His name was Lamont and he was sitting next to me doing an assignment on the computer. His friend sat on the opposite side and they were laughing about something when the subject of kissing came up. He turned to me and asked when my first kiss was and I commented, “I’ve never kissed a guy a before,” and went back to my work.

At that point his friend and him were immensely intrigued with the fact that I had never been kissed. Little did I know at that moment he was cooking up a plan. So it was about 3 weeks later when the school day had ended and Lamont asked me if I wanted to go shoot around on the outdoor court behind the gym at the back of the school. I said sure and followed him outside.

He suggested that we just take turns shooting around when he shoot a 3 point air ball and told me to go pick up the ball. I remember that I was wearing a white shirt, those loud basketball track pants with the school mascot on them, when I leaned down to pick up the ball. In that same instance I turned around as I stood up and Lamont, in that moment reached around my back, pull me close and kissed me.

I of course didn’t know what I was doing and just kinda followed what he did with his mouth. It was sort of complicated being that my brain would not stop trying to figure out a tutorial on how to kiss as it was happening instead of enjoying it. It was weird, but the moment that it was over, I wished that we were still kissing.

After about 10 seconds he then just stopped and went back to shooting baskets like nothing had happened. And that’s the answer to that question.

So now I leave it open you, my audience, to tell me if your first kiss was enjoyable or not; weird or amazing?

WHEN IT COMES TO DATING: it’s important that you tell the person you’re interested in, little things like your first kiss, because it has to do with kissing and hopefully you will be kissing the person you’re dating a lot, and often. So then they should know how often you like to be kissed, and how. Do they like tongue? Do they like making out in public or do they think that’s weird or inappropriate? When it comes to dating you have to be on the same page and you have to like those pages in the same way as the person you’re with, or else it just won’t work. Just a hint to any male readers out there though; women loved being kissed slowly and for long periods of time while their head is being massaged. And, to the women, men loved being kissed and licked on their neck during make out sessions. This wickedly accurate combination could make for an extremely enjoyable night.

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