The Best Dating Advice You’ll Ever Get Question #2

Over the course of these blogs I will go over every question posed in the dating word and what YOU can do to better your chances at finding love, laughter, and that forever happiness. So let’s jump right in!

Question #2 When you’re in a relationship, how much fighting would you consider to be too much fighting?

Are you thinking about it? Can you remember the last time you had a fight in a relationship? Or if you’ve never been in one, can you remember a time that you were fighting with a friend that you cared about, and how you felt about it? Since women are more willing to forgive than men, I would think that men have stronger opinions about this than women. So, to break the ice, I’m going to answer this question first…

How much fighting is too much fighting, in a relationship? I have strong feelings about this topic in general because I feel that when you are Ain a relationship you should always speak your mind. What I mean by this is, when something bothers you, makes you feel uncomfortable, or upset you should be talking about it with the person you are with. Why are there so many divorces in the world? That’s easy, because couples do not communicate about EVERYTHING, like they should.

If you were to ask an audience, “What is the number one reason couples break up, or married couples get a divorce?” It will most likely be a tie between money and their inability to communicate. Let’s focus on the communicating part because I think that’s where the ability to have a great relationship lies.

When you’re young you are taught, from your teacher to communicate by first raising your hand. If you’re called on, you can speak, and if you’re not you can’t, which just leaves you feeling frustrated. When you get into high school and join a debate team you’re taught to speak your mind, argue, and discuss your point until it’s dead, and until you have proven you’re right.

Relationships fall somewhere in-between that. When you’re in a relationship, and I will define what being in a relationship means, later on, but when you’re in a relationship, you should speak your mind. That might begin with a calming conversation, i.e raising your hand before being called on, then quickly move into aggressive it’s not your turn fighting i.e debate.

What it’s important to know in a relationship is that both persons opinions matter. However, it is by the determining how those opinions align whether or not the relationship will last, or should even start to begin with. That’s why when you meet someone the first thing you do is COMMUNICATE what your expetations are for the possibility of a relationship with that person.

It is possible to like different types of people and have them be able to fit into your life as long as you think the same way. THINKING the same way, is part of what makes you the same person or ONE in a relationship which will only bring you closer together, and make you a stronger couple while still being able to have different interests as well as likes and dislikes.

But I feel like I’m getting a little off topic. How much fighting is too much in a relationship? In my opinion there’s no such thing as too much, because if it’s important to you is should be discussed. It’s not like you have to yell and turn it into a screaming match, but it should be at the very least discussed, in the moment, right when it happens. When you let things fester, and you push them to the back of your mind it only makes your relationship worse because the person you’re with CANNOT READ YOUR MIND. Women, as much as you would like your man to know why you’re upset, they don’t know, and you have to tell them what they did wrong, and what they can do to make it right. There’s nothing wrong with explaining your expectations.

So now I leave it open to you, my audience; to tell me your opinion on how much fighting is too much, in a relationship?

IN THE WORLD OF DATING: it is important that you speak your mind on the very first day, meaning that you let the person know your concerns in a relationship, wants needs, dreams. The subjects that are important to you, and I mean subjects like if you want drawers shut after you open them, if you like drinking juice straight out of a carton, and YES those things are important. Once you establish who you are and you’re wants in a relationship, you can express them to the person you’re considering being with, or who you’re already with, and they can do the same. If you are the type of person who has trouble thinking of how you feel off the top off your head or you’re afraid that you will forget something, then make a list, and discuss them with your special someone.




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